GameBreax at EVO 2016

This Sunday marks a new milestone for nerdcore music group GameBreax as they gear up to electrify a sold out audience at the Mandalay Bay's Event Center. Combining fresh lyricism, video game lore and electro-rock infused hip hop, GameBreax has been a major voice in the rising climate and phenomenon of eSports.
While in college, music artists Omega Sparx and SWATS found out they had a mutual fascination with video games. Cultivating a friendship through gaming inspired their journey into music, which led to the formation of GameBreax. GameBreax would have their first opportunity on a major stage at the 2013 EVO Championships in Las Vegas. Their song "Rumble" quickly sparked a buzz and got the attention of many fans and game developers in the industry. GameBreax has revolutionized sound design in video games and group member Omega Sparx' is a major vocal piece in the highly successful Killer Instinct Season 2 game and soundtrack for Microsoft Studios vocals can be heard in both game and the soundtrack of Microsoft Studios' Killer Instinct Season 2. 
Now embarking on their fourth year with EVO Championships, GameBreax is ready to be the musical backdrop to the most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world. EVO Championships has set a high precedent for eSports as professional gamers around the world compete in Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and more. You can catch all the actionthe weekend of the 15th and hear GameBreax' new music on Sunday, July 17th on Twitch TV and various streaming sites. Be sure to witness the ground breaking evolution of this tournament on ESPN2.
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