KOF XIV Teaser#2!

Good morning! Looks like SNKP has released another teaser for their upcoming KOF XIV game! I know we've been hearing a little flack about how the characters look like mannequins but I for one am enjoying the progression to date: combos and frame rate look crisp! Take a look at the link to see the video:

KOF XIV teaser #2





So after checking out the video, we see two returning characters! Leona and Cheng! These two are looking faithful to their previous evasions so far with a couple added twist.

I enjoyed how it seems like Kim's rehab program isn't actually working as Cheng is in Prison Orange with the words "South Town Kail" Stitched to the back. Of course written underneath that is the word, "Breaker!" 

Let us know who you'd like to see in the game next!




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