@Omega Sparx

About Omega Sparx

Omega Sparx has been enchanted by Hip Hop and Video Games for years.  As a young boy, he stumbled upon a Fatal Fury cabinet and was captivated by the way the two teens playing seemed to be paying close attention to their timing and execution.  He set his quarter on the cabinet to signify "next up", and from then on - game over.

As time went on and technology advanced, Sparx's favorite fighting games would soon be available for his home consoles.  Listening to Hip Hop classics in his headphones while playing, he soon found himself making up his own lyrics constantly referencing the current opponent he was playing.  A young Omega Sparx new he found something special.

After years of perfecting his craft, he finally broke through the scene (shattered it...  comepletely) when he was featured at Evo 2013.  The crowd was so pumped up by GameBreax's music, they asked them back the following two years.  It's hard to listen to a song by Omega Sparx without feeling absolutely ready to go.  His delivery and presence are unmatched, and he finds the most creative ways to deliver his rhymes. 

Track List
Ready (ft. Kit Walters)
Rumble (EVO Hype Song 2013)
Death Match
This War (Halo Rap)