GameBreakers Volume 1

Track Name Info Play
1 Castle Mania Info
2 WAR (EVO Hype Song 2014) Info
3 Ready (ft. Kit Walters) Info
4 Rumble (EVO Hype Song 2013) Info
5 Death Match Info

GameBreakers Volume 1, the debut album of GameBreax is finally here!  Get ready for sharp delivery, eccentric flows, and unmatched wordplay packed into an entire hour of hip hop glory.

This album features heavy-hitting tracks like Rumble and WAR, both of which were featured at Evo tournaments.  Get ready to pump yourself up for multiplayer with Death Match, an open-ended challenge to all FPS players.  Curious about who will win the new-generation console wars?  Omega Sparx creatively approaches this subject in Next Gen.  Or zone out to the edgy beat, creative lyrics, and vocal presence on Castle Mania.